Renaming of streets in Brigg

Extracts from council minutes of 1869 showing street renaming, and the decision to get an estimate to install the enamelled ones that were replaced in 2004. The handwritten extract can be viewed here

Brigg Local Board Minutes

1869 JuneGeneral Purpose Committee to list streets and lanes, & to obtain estimates for enamelled plates.
JulyStreets and houses allotted names and numbers

Present NameFuture NameSituation of Name Plate
Market PlaceMarket PlaceTaylor's, Coulson's, Mason's
-River SideWhiteheads Corner
Quipp's LaneMarket LaneHope Inn
Hett's LaneCarey LaneElwood's House
Nicholson's YardConey CourtCentre of Arch
Danber's YardAncholme CourtMarriott's Corner
-Exchange PlaceWestoby's Corner
Wrawby StreetWrawby StreetGibbon's, Mitchell's & Hancock's
Brockelsby's YardCollege YardOgelby's Corner
Cressey's YardCressey YardCressey's Corner
Cawkewll's YardGarden AlleyCentre of Arch
Change AlleyChange AlleyCentre of Arch
Old Methodist Chapel Yard School CourtCentre of Arch
Lowther's YardLong CourtCentre of Arch
IndependantChapel YardCorner of Rose annd Crown
Morley's Yard Chapel Yard Morley YardCentre of Arch
Cross StreetCross StreetParker's Corner & Gibbons
Schoolhouse LaneGrammar School RoadBlades's Corner
Bigby StreetBigby StreetFryer's & Palmer's
ButcheryElwes StreetBilly Oglesby's & Lord Nelson
Paradise RowParadise PlaceCorner House
Garden StreetGarden StreetBelton's Corner
Queen StreetQueen StreetPalmer's & Judge's
Albert StreetAlbert StreetTorry's & Spence's
New StreetNew StreetEmmerson's Corner
Princes StreetPrinces StreetFinney's Corner
Bigby RoadBigby RoadWhitworth's & Etherington's
Dent's BuildingsLyng PlaceFirst House

1869 SeptResolved that none of the words on the letter plates be abbreviated.

Modern names and what they used to be called

These are modern streets that had old names shown in order of modern street name

Current NamePrevious Name
Ancholme CourtDanber's Yard
Carey LaneHett's Lane
Chapel YardIndependant Chapel Yard
College YardBrockelsby's Yard
Coney CourtNicholson's Yard
Cressey YardCressey's Yard
Elwes StreetButchery
Exchange Placenot named
Garden AlleyCawkewll's Yard
Grammar School RoadSchoolhouse Lane
Long CourtLowther's Yard
Lyng PlaceDent's Buildings
Market LaneQuipp's Lane
Morley YardMorley's Yard
Paradise PlaceParadise Row
River Sidenot named
School CourtOld Methodist Chapel Yard

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