1856 Peace Demonstration

Below is a transcript of the program for the 1856 Peace Demonstration taken from a 1908 reprint in Ashton's North Lindsey Yearbook.

An image of the original (1908) reprint can be seen here (1.4MB)



FRIDAY 30th MAY, 1856




THE Inhabitants of the Town and

Neighbourhood. who intend to join

the Procession, are requested to meet

in the Town Hall, at half-past two o'clock

in the afternoon.


 The Scholars and Teachers at the Schools will meet in their

respective School-rooms at two o'clock, and proceed thence

to the Market Place, at half past two.

The members of the Foresters' and Odd Fellows' Clubs,

and of the Total Abstinence Society, will assemble in the

Market Place, at half-past two o'clock.


 The Procession will be formed, under the direction of the

Procession Committee, in the Market Place, at three o'clock,

and will go through the principal Streets of the Town, in the

following order :--

                                                Two Flags.

                                                Band of Music.

Peace Officer...                The Sheriffs Deputy, ..Peace Officer.

                                                on Horse-back.

                                                The Church Sunday School.

                                                The Independent Sunday School.

                                                The Wesleyan Sunday School.

                                                The Reform Wesleyan Sunday School.

                                                The Primitive Methodist Sunday School.

                                                Two Flags.

                                                Band of Music.

                                                The Peace Demonstration Committee.

                                                The Inhabitants of Brigg & Neighbourhood.

                                                The Foresters’ Club with flags and banner.

                                                The Odd Fellows' Club with flags, &c.

                                                The Total Abstinence Society with flags, &c.


 The Procession will pass over the Bridge, and along Bridge

Street. and the Scawby Road, to the New Bridge Toll Bar,

and returning through Bridge Street, halt at Victoria Street,

where Her Majesty s Proclamation of Peace will be read; then

proceed through the Market Place, the butchery, Bigby Street,

Albert Street, the Wrawby Toll Bar, and Wrawby Street,

into the Market Place. The Procession will halt, and the

Proclamation be again read, near the White Horse Inn. On

arriving at the Market Place, the Procession will arrange

round the Sheriff’s Deputy and the Band. The Proclamation

will be again read, after which the National Anthem will be



                Band play. ... .. .. Partant pour la Syrie.


 The Scholars will then he arranged at their Tea Tables.

Tea will also be provided at separate Tables, for all those

children. between the ages of four and twelve, who are not in

the habit of attending School.


Before Tea the children will sing the Grace:-                 And after Tea,


Be present at our table, Lord                 | I We thank Thee Lord for this our food,

Be here and everywhere adored    | I But mew because of Jesu's blood,

Thy creatures bless & grant that we | Let manna to our souls be given,

May feast in Paradise with Thee       | The bread of life sent down from heaven.

Tune.-The Old Hundredth Psalm


 The Tea and Plum Buns will be served to the Scholars

under the superintendence of their Teachers, and to the other

children with the assistance of a Committee who have kindly

volunteered their services.


 Tea and Plum Buns will also be provided for the children

at the Union Workhouse.


 All the children will be required to provide their own cups

and saucers or mugs.


 An Exhibition of Fireworks will take place in the Market

Place, at 9 o'clock in the evening.


 All parties are particularly requested not to fire off Pistols,

or any kind of Fireworks during the afternoon and evening.*


 The Shops, and other places of business in the Town, are

requested to be closed at one o'clock, and the Afternoon to be

kept as a half holiday.


 Should the weather prove unfavourable, the children will

have their tea in the Corn Exchange.


 Subscriptions towards defraying the expenses of the Demonstration

will be received at the Banks ; by John Danber, Esq., the Treasurer ;

or Mr. Freer, the Secretary.


By order of the Committee,

ROBT. OWSTON, Chairman.



 May 27th, 1856.

God Save The Queen !!!



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