Marriage of the Prince of Wales, 1863

Below is a transcript of the program of events for the festivities held at Brigg to celebrate the marriage, on the 10th March 1863, of the Prince of Wales.

This was taken from a reprint in Ashton's North Lindsey Yearbook for 1904.

A PDF of the original (1904) reprint can be seen here (0.6MB)


10th March, 1863.

Programme of Festivities

At Brigg.


 The committee of the inhabitants for making arrangements

for a public demonstration, on the occasion of the marriage of

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales with the Princess

Alexandra of Denmark, have adopted the following programme


The shops and other places of business in the town are

intended to be closed, and the day kept as


The inhabitants are invited to display Flags. Banners, &c.

from their houses in honor of the occasion.



At 12 o'clock there will be


In the Exchange Hall, for the poor inhabitants of Brigg, who

shall have previously obtained tickets from the Free Dinner

committee. Several members of the committee have kindly

consented to preside, and assist at the Free Dinner; after the

Dinner the following verses of the National Anthem will be

sung in the Exchange Hall.


God save our gracious Queen;

Great God ! Thy blessings all

Long live our noble Queen;

On Alexandra fall;

 God save the Queen.

 He Thou her guide!

Send Her victorious,

whom lov'd Victoria's smile,

Happy and glorious,

And British hearts, the while,

Long to reign over us-

Welcome to Albion's isle;

 God save the Queen.

 God bless the Bride



Our Albert Edward bless;

God save our gracious Queen;

God grant him happiness;

Long live our noble Queen,

 God save the Prince!

 God save the Queen!

Mercies his path surround .

Send Her victorious,

Peace in his time abound;

Happy and glorious,

With every virtue crown'd.

Long to reign over us-

 Long live the Prince.

 God save the Queen.


All the children resident between the Toll Bars will be sup-

plied with Commemoration Medals; the medals for the

children who are in Sunday schools will be delivered to the

superintendents of schools, and the other children will be

supplied with medals in the afternoon of Saturday, the 7th of

March, between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock, on application

at the Town Hall.



At 2 o'clock on the 10th of March, the children will meet

in the Market Place, wearing their medals. The teachers of

the schools are requested to attend with their classes, and

some of the members of the committee will be present to

arrange the children who are not in any of the schools. If the

weather be fine the children, preceded by a band of music,

flags and banners, and such of the inhabitants of the town as

can attend, and the Foresters' Club, the Odd Fellows' Club,

and the Band of Hope, will form


and pass over the Bridge and along the Scawby Road to the

New Bridge Toll Bar, and returning through Bridge Street

will proceed through the Market Place, Bigby Street, Albert

Street, the Wrawby Toll Bar, and Wrawby Street, into the

Market Place, where the procession will be arranged round

the band, and the National Anthem will be sung. The

children will be then divided into two sections, the boys on

the south side of the Market Place and the girls on the north

side, and then pass in single file, the boys into Bigby Street,

and the girls into Wrawhy Street. As they pass the Town

Hall, each child on production of the medal, will receive a

plum bun, and on meeting together in Queen Street, as soon

as all are assembled, the National Anthem will again be sung.

At 12 o'clock there will be

Public FOOTBALL PLAYING in a Field adjacent

to the town.



At 4 o'clock there will be

A Public Dinner In the Town Hall

JOHN HETT, Esq. Chairman. Mr. A. M. SERGEANT, Vice-chairman.

Dinner Tickets, including waiters 2s. 6d. each, to be had of Mr. George Jackson.

Secretary to the Dinner committee.


In the evening there will be a



and afterwards


The following gentlemen have consented to act as stewards:- Mr. Brocklesby,

Mr. Dauber, Mr. R. Hett, Mr. Mason, Mr. Moxon, Mr. Nicholson, Mr. Paterson,

Mr. Piggott, Mr. E. H. Smith, and Dr. Titley.


Doors will be opened at 6 o'clock, Concert to commence at 7.


Mrs. Mille, Miss Conolly, Miss Forman, & Mr. S. D. Hudson.

Have been engaged to sing.


Several amateurs will kindly assist in the Concert.

Tea and Coffee will be provided during the evening.

Dancing at 9 o'clock.


 Tickets to the Concert, Tea, and Dance. 2s. 6d. each, and to the Concert and

Tea 1s. 6d., any be obtained at Mr. Cressey’s and Mr. Jackson’s, Booksellers.

Tickets to admit 4 or more of the same family, will be issued at a reduced price.

No family tickets will be sold at the doors.


At 7 o'clock in the evening the

Town Hall will be Brilliantly illuminated.

The members of the committee, and other inhabitants taking

part in the proceedings, are requested to wear WHITE FAVOURS,

made of Coventry ribbon. The committee will be supplied

with Favors on application to the secretary.


Subscription towards the general expenses will be received by John Dauber,

Esq., the Treasurer, or Mr. Freer, the Secretary.

John Hett,

Chairman of the Committee.

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