Bridge Street (part of) census 1901

This is transcribed from the 1901 Census data for parts of Bridge Street, then in the Civil Parish of
Glanford Brigg (part of), the Ecclesiastical Parish of Glanford Brigg St John the Evangelist (part of),
the Urban Distric of Brigg (part of), the parliamentsry Division of North Lindey or Brigg (part of)
and the Town of "part of Brigg Town".

This is the earliest use I have seen of the @ sign! The columns shown are headed ...

  • ROAD, STREET &c and No or NAME of HOUSE
  • Name and Surname of each Person
  • RELATION to Head of Family
  • Condition as to Marriage
  • Age last Bithday of Males / Females (two columns)
  • Employer, Worker, or Own account + If Working at Home
  • Deaf & Dumb, Blind, Lunatic, Imbecile or feeblemionded

  • 2 Kiln Lane James Turford Head M 36 Farmers Garthman Worker Lincoln Snitterby
    Elizabeth Turford Wife M 45 Lincoln Scawby Brook
    Jessie Turford Daur S 6 Lincoln Kettleby
    Ada Turford Daur S 4 Lincoln Snitterby
    Mary Turford Visitor Wid 70 Lincoln Glentworth
    1 Kiln Lane Ernest Baker Head M 33 Railway Labourer Worker Lincoln Barton on H
    Lucy Baker Wife M 32 Lincoln Hibaldstow
    Frank Baker Son S 6 Lincoln Brigg
    Harold Baker Son S 1 Lincoln Brigg
    Alexandra Ter B H Bailey Head M 46 Grocer & Prov Dealer Employer Notts Retford
    Fanny Bailey Wife M 44 Lincoln Grimsby
    Jessie Bailey Daur S 16 Lincoln Brigg
    Clement Bailey Son S 12 Lincoln Brigg
    Alexamdra Ter Francis Evison Head M 54 Assurance Agent Worker Lincoln Great Limber
    Eliza Harriett Evison Wife M 53 Lincoln Winterton
    Bertha Evison Daur S 23 Lincoln Brigg
    Jno Thos Bingley Boarder S 21 Boot Shoe Merchant Worker Stafford Brimingham
    Chas A Burton Boarder S 23 Coach Smith Worker Lincoln Grimsby
    Alexandra Ter Henry Kenning Head M 36 Solicitors Clerk Worker Lincoln Little Coates
    Annie Kenning Wife M 37 Lincoln Kirton Lindsey
    Elsie Kenning Daur S 11 Lincoln Brigg
    William H Kenning Son S 8 Lincoln Brigg
    Dorothy Kenning Daur S 7 Lincoln Brigg
    Alice mary Kenning Daur S 3 Lincoln Brigg
    Lillie Kenning Daur S 11m Lincoln Brigg
    Alexandra Ter William Draper Head M 64 Waterman (Barge) Own A/c Lincoln Brigg
    Dinah Draper Wife M 62 Lincoln Brigg
    Sarah Ann Draper Daur S 30 Dressmaker Own A/c - at home Lincoln Brigg
    Jack Draper Son S 24 Waterman (Barge) Lincoln Brigg
    Alice Draper Daur S 22 Lincoln Brigg
    Frank Draper Son S 20 Oil Mill Labourer Worker Lincoln Brigg
    33 Bridge St Alfred Atkinson Head S 58 Civil Engineer Worker Lincoln Brigg
    Louisa Atkinson Sister S 60 Lincoln Brigg
    Alice Atkinson Sister S 56 Lincoln Brigg
    Emily Atkinson Sister S 53 Lincoln Brigg
    John Atkinson Brother S 46 Civil Engineer Worker Lincoln Brigg
    Clara East Serv S 18 General Servant Domestic Worker Lincoln Broughton
    Bridge St (Brockelsby Ox) William Milson Head M 53 Publican Worker Lincoln Brigg
    Lydia Ellen Milson Wife M 42 Lincoln Spilesby Fen
    William Milson Son S 18 Lincoln Brigg Feebleminded
    Grace Milson Daur S 16 Lincoln Brigg
    Eleanor Milson Daur S 13 Lincoln Brigg
    Harry Milson Son S 10 Lincoln Brigg
    Mary Heighton Servant S 21 Housemaid Domestic Derby Alfreton
    John Bracknell Lodger W 48 Draper Own A/c Essex Ridgewell
    William Walker Lodger S 30 Draper Own A/c Norfolk Norwick
    31 Bridge St John Bains Head M 28 General Labourer Worker Lincoln Brigg
    Sarah Bains Wife M 30 Lincoln Brigg
    Stanley Bains Son S 2 Lincoln Brigg
    Thomas Bains Brother S 23 Coach Porter Worker Lincoln Brigg
    30 Bridge St David Clifton Head W 42 Painter Worker Lincoln Woofum
    Ivy Eleanor Clifton Daur S 14 Lincoln Brigg
    Eva Dunham Visitor S 14 Lincoln Brigg
    29 Bridge St Fred G. Robb Head M 44 Pork Butcher Own A/c Lincoln Louth
    Harriett Robb Wife M 46 Lincoln Barnetby
    Florence Cross Serv S 15 General Servant Domestic Worker Lincoln Ashby
    28 Bridge St Louisa Stamp Head S 43 Temperance Hotel (Coffee) Own A/c Lincoln Croxton
    Harriett Stamp Sister S 31 Temperance Hotel Own A/c Lincoln Croxton
    27 Bridge St Joseph Thompson Head M 60 Builder Employer Lincoln Brigg
    Elizabeth Thompson Wife M 58 Lincoln Market Rasen
    Bertha Thompson Daur S 25 Lincoln Brigg
    George Thompson Son S 24 Grocer Worker Lincoln Brigg
    Thomas Thompson Son S 22 Bricklayer Worker Lincoln Brigg
    Herbert Ford Grandson S 5
    West Villa, Bridge St Charlette Stamp Head Wid 72 Lincoln Limber
    Mary E Stamp Daur S 36 Lincoln Croxton
    Peel Villa, Bridge St Henry Stamp Head M 41 Grocer Employer Lincoln Brigg
    Eleanor A Stamp Wife M 43 Isle of Man Peel
    Christian M Stamp Daur S 17 Lincoln Brigg
    Elsie E Stamp Daur S 15 Lincoln Brigg
    Gertrude Girdham Servant S 17 General Servant Domestic Lincoln Worlaby
    Bridge St Henry Peech Head M 49 Primitive Methodist Minister Notts Woodhouse
    Annetta Peech Wife M 51 Lincoln Gedney Drove End
    Lucy P A Peech Daur S 21 Dressmaker Own A/c - at home Lincoln Donington
    Lime House, Bridge St Samuel Campion Head M 50 Stonemason Employer - at home Lincoln Newholland
    Ada Campion Wife M 29 Northampton Thrapston
    Harry Campion Son S 14 Stonemason Worker Lincoln Brigg
    Charleston House, Bridge St Joseph S Green Head M 64 Carter Employer Lincoln Brigg
    Francis E Green Wife M 52 Lincoln Osgodby
    Frederick Squires Boarder M 40 Cordwainer Worker Cambridge Chatteris
    Charlotte Squires Daughter S 12 Lincoln Brigg
    Charlotte Squires Wife M 34 Lincoln Brigg
    Aubrey Squires Daughter S 10 Lincoln Brigg
    Edward Shaft Visitor S 22 Carter Worker Lincoln Brigg
    Thomas Beel Visitor S 14 Lincoln Brigg
    Bridge St James B Moxam Head W 88 Surgeon Retired Yorks Hull
    Sarah A Moxam Daur S 59 Yorks Hull
    Eliza Lingard Serv S 20 General Servant Domestic Worker Lincoln Redbourne
    Pelham Cottage, Bridge St Fred W Atkinson Head M 40 Wheelwright Joiner Employer Lincoln Melton Ross
    Mary Jane Atkinson Wife M 42 Lincoln Long Sutton
    Frederick W Atkinson Son S 12 Lincoln Gainsboro
    Mabel Atkinson Daur S 10 Lincoln Brigg
    Alice E Atkinson Daur S 9 Lincoln Brigg
    George Barratt Boarder S 20 Blacksmith Worker Lincoln Whitton
    Bridge St Robert A W Stevenson Head M 55 Vetinary Surgeon Own A/c Sussex Bunwash
    Esther Stevenson Wife M 51 Sussex Heathfield
    Paulina Stevenson Daur S 17 Milliner Worker Sussex Heathfield
    Cecil Stevenson Son S 15 Solicitors Clerk Worker Sussex Heathfield
    Colin Stevenson Son S 13 Lincoln Brigg
    Florence Stevenson Daur S 12 Lincoln Brigg
    Eva Stevenson Daur S 10 Lincoln Brigg
    Winnifred Stevenson Daur S 7 Lincoln Brigg
    Ruby Stevenson Daur S 6 Lincoln Brigg
    Bridge St (Nelthorpe Arms) Robert Walkington Head M 56 Publican Own A/c Yorks Wigginton
    Sarah Walkington Wife M 58 Somerset Newton St Low
    Annie Walkington Daur S 35 Yorks York
    Alice Walkington Daur S 33 Yorks Bridlington
    Bridge St Sergeant Denton Head M 40 Butcher Own A/c Lincoln Brigg
    El- (Elizabeth) Denton Wife M 37 Lincoln Brigg
    Dorothy Denton Daur S 11 Lincoln Brigg
    Effie Louise Denton Daur S 7 Lincoln Brigg
    Barr Sargeant Denton Son S 5 Lincoln Brigg
    J (Joseph) Alec Denton Son S 4 Lincoln Brigg
    Sarah E Potts Serv S 22 Lincoln North Kelsey
    John E Vessey Lodger S 18 Butcher Worker Lincoln Bigby
    3 Bridge St Mary Ann Broadbent Head W 62 Lincoln Ashby
    Elizabeth Oglesby Lodger W 77 Lincoln Brigg
    5 Bridge St George Hall Head M 48 Fish Merchant Own A/c - at home Lincoln Horncastle
    Eliza Hall Wife M 47 Lincoln Sturton by Stone
    Kate Hall Daur S 20 Notts Newark
    Joseph Hall Son S 18 Fish Merchant Worker - at home Lincoln Brigg
    George Hall Son S 16 Lincoln Brigg
    Fred Hall Son S 12 Lincoln Brigg
    6 Bridge St Sidney Chatterton Head S 37 Grain Merchant Employer Kent Penshurst
    Kate Chatterton Sister S 39 Kent Penshurst
    Emma Shearsmith Serv S 22 General Servant Domestic Worker Lincoln Saxby
    7 Bridge St R J Wrighton Head M 37 Hair Dresser Own A/c Yorks Hull
    Ellen Wrighton Wife M 35 Middlesex London
    Gladys E Wrighton Daur S 8 Yorks Hull
    Rose Mary Newborn Serv S 18 General Servant Domestic Worker Lincoln Kirmington
    8 Bridge St William J Glentworth Head M 45 Coal Merchant Own A/c Lincoln Bonby
    Mary Ann Glentworth Wife M 44 Lincoln Scawby
    Eva W Westoby Niece S 5 Lincoln Newholland
    Bridge St (Late Cummingham)
    10 Bridge St Emma Forth Head M 50 Living on own means Lincoln Whisby
    George Forth Son S 13 Lincoln Caistor
    Walter Forth Son S 11 Lincoln Caistor
    Harry Forth Son S 8 Lincoln Caistor Deaf & Dumb
    Alice Forth Daur S 8 Lincoln Caistor Deaf & Dumb
    Kate Waddington Visitor S 27 Lincoln Caistor
    10a Bridge St Flora Boyce Head M 28 Living on own means Lancs Southport
    Beatrice Boyce Daur S 8 Kent Mew Brompton
    Mabel Boyce Daur S 7 Kent Mew Brompton
    James Boyce Son S 2 Kent Mew Brompton
    Dorothy Boyce Daur S 1 Lincoln Brigg
    11 Bridge St Maria Osborne Head W 50 Norfolk East Dereham
    Robert Hughes Boarder S 20 Railway Ballast Labourer Worker Lincoln Brigg
    Lena Bird Visitor S 12 Lincoln Brigg
    John D Thorpe Visitor S 3 Lincoln Brigg
    12 Bridge St Henry G Dent Head S 30 Master Builder Employer Lincoln Brigg
    Elizabeth Dent Mother W 72 Living on own means Lincoln Brigg
    Alice Corby Housekeeper W 57 Housekeeper Domestic Worker Lincoln Ewerby
    Mary C Dent Serv S 12 General Servant Domestic Worker Lincoln Redbourne
    Bridge St Henry Cooper Head M 55 Draper Own A/c N'hampton Crick
    Mary Ann Cooper Wife M 49 N'hampton Towcester
    Ethel M Cooper Daur S 22 N'hampton Daventry
    Emily J Payne Lodger S 37 Milliner Worker N'hampton Daventry
    Eliza Kingsley Serv S 18 General Servant Domestic Worker Lincoln Habro
    14 Bridge St Samuel Sabey Head M 54 Grocer & Baker Own A/c - @ Home Hunt St Neots
    Susannah Sabey Wife M 56 Lincoln Brigg
    William Sabey Son S 28 Grocer Worker - @ Home Lester Leicester
    Albert sabey Son S 24 Bread Baker Worker - @ Home Lincoln Brigg
    Maud A Hannath Daur M 20 Lincoln Brigg
    Cyril Hannath Grandson S 2 Lincoln Brigg
    Edith Looker Boarder S 25 Milliner Worker Camb Newmarket
    15 Bridge St John Allen Head W 69 Coach Builder Employer London
    John Allen Son S 41 Coach Builder Worker London
    Bertha M Allen Daur S 33 London
    Mabel G Allen Daur S 19 London
    Ellen West Serv S 19 Lincoln Brigg
    16 Bridge St Harry Knott Head M 40 Coal Merchant Own A/c Lincoln Brigg
    Alice Knott Wife M 37 Lincoln Brigg
    Emily Knott Daur S 17 Lincoln Brigg
    Eva Knott Daur S 15 Lincoln Brigg
    Ethel Knott Daur S 13 Lincoln Brigg
    Minnie Knott Daur S 9 Lincoln Brigg
    Catherine Knott Daur S 8 Lincoln Brigg
    Ruby J Knott Daur S 7 Lincoln Brigg
    Harriett Knott Daur S 6 Lincoln Brigg
    Fred Knott Son S 4 Lincoln Brigg
    Jack Knott Son S 3 Lincoln Brigg
    17 Bridge St Geo Sharpe Sowerby Head M 40 Shoemaker Employer - @ Home Lincoln Brigg
    Eliza Sowerby Wofe M 40 Hants Aldershot
    Elsie Sowerby Daur S 10 Lincoln Brigg

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