Bridge Street, Brigg (part of) census 1871

This is transcribed from the 1871 Census data for parts of Bridge Street, than in the parish of
Broughton, Local Board of Broughton and Ecclesiastical Parish or Broughton.

The columns shown are headed ..

  • ROAD, STREET &c and No or NAME of HOUSE
  • Name and Surname of each Person
  • RELATION to Head of Family
  • AGE of Males / Females (two columns)
  • Rank, Profession or OCCUPATION

  • Bridge St Robert Denton Head Mar 41 Cattle Dealer & Butcher Yorks Hull
    Emma Denton Wife Mar 37 Lincoln Brigg
    Elizabeth Denton Dau Unm 15 Scholar Lincoln Brigg
    Sargent Denton Son 11 Scholar Lincoln Brigg
    Emily Denton Dau 9 Scholar Lincoln Brigg
    Alfred Denton Son 7 Scholar Lincoln Brigg
    Walter Denton Son 5 Scholar Lincoln Brigg
    Robewrt Denton Son 3 Scholar Lincoln Brigg
    Jonathon Denton Son 8m Lincoln Brigg
    Harriett Moore Serv Unm 19 Domestic Serv Lincoln Grasby
    Annetta Illingworth Visitor Unm 21 Yorks Batby Cove
    Bridge St William Hart Head Mar 53 Engineer Millwrightemploy 14 men & 2 boys Linc Broughton
    Elizabeth Hart Wife Mar 46 Linc Barnetby
    George Hart Son 12 Scholar Linc Broughton
    William Hart Son 10 Scholar Linc Broughton
    Sarah E Hart Dau 9 Scholar Linc Broughton
    Bridge St William Garthwaite Head Mar 49 Beer Retailer Linc Broughton
    Sarah Garthwaite Wife Mar 44 Linc Messingham
    Rebecca Garthwaite Mother Wid 84 Linc Brigg
    Sarah E Drury Niece 5 Scholar Linc Winterton
    Mary Horsmead Serv Unm 14 Domestic Serv Linc Scawby
    Bridge St Elizabeth Slight Head Wid 71 Boat Buiulder Emply 2 Men Linc Scawby
    Sarah Slight Dau Unm 42 Linc Brigg

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