Brigg Amateur Social Historians (BASH)

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BASH was founded in October 2003. Its objective is to promote an interest and awareness in the local social history of Brigg and its surrounding areas, and to support traditional and historical events in its locale.

We have a variety of speakers covering a wide range of topics. We hold our meetings on the first Tuesday of each month (except for June, July and August) at the Brigg & Districts Servicemen's Club, Coney Court Brigg.

Meetings start at 20:00, there is no membership and the admission is free. We hold a raffle to defray our costs and a light buffet it provided. All are welcome to attend.


An interesting talk by David Shepperson about the lives of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. Florence Nightingale was born in 1820. She is famously known as the "lady of the lamp" named by soldiers during the Crimean War (1854 - 56). She set up the training of volunteer nurses at the military hospital at Scutari to tend and care for the wounded where there was little provision. Hygiene was also important as more deaths were due to disease then wounds. She established the Nursing School at St Thomas' Hospital in London. She wrote the book "Notes on Nursing". She died in 1910. Mary Seacole was born in Jamaica in 1805. Her father was a scottish soldier and mother Jamaican. She went to the Crimea and had built the "British Hotel" near Balaclava for soldiers to purchase goods (similar to the NAAFI)and stocked medical supplies. She tended and cared for the wounded at the scenes of battle. She was declared bankrupt as she had to leave all behind when war ended. A fund was raised by soldiers and very senior officers to help her in recognition. She died in 1881.

Sun 22nd Oct '17 - BRIGG GHOST WALK

The Brigg Ghost walk was again a success with an attendance of over 40 split into 2 groups. Many people enjoyed listening to the stories of the Ghosts that have been seen and the haunting's as they walked around parts of the Town.

Tue 19th Sep '17 - B.A.S.H. AGM

Chair: Pat Parkinson Vice Chair: Brian Denison Secretary: Stewart Melton Treasurer: Denise Torpey Other Committee Members: Jean Neall, Caroline Sharp, Shirley Finney

There were no nominations received. All Committee Members both present and absent at the A.G.M., agreed to stand and all posts remain unchanged.

Pat stated that the quality of the Guest Speakers has remained high and she had received very favorable comments for them especially Rod fanthorpe and Marilyn Roberts. We still receive good attendance figures at each meeting. The Committee had a visit to Temple Newsam in July.

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